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Question about Rigid Bodies

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Is is possible to enable temperature change of a rigid body in my simulation?

I created an SPH + rigid body simulation where I would like to analyze how contact between the two bodies affects the temperature of the rigid body. So far the SPH particles are the only one shown to vary in temperature during contact. Without an EOS, the rigid body keeps a constant temperature throughout my sim. I tried to use the same EOS I had for SPH but it resulted in the following error.


*** Error 20387 (STR+387)

The part with ID 1, material ID 0, has a material type 20

that does not require an equation of state

expanding memory to 74669 d 1659364 element data for composite material

expanding memory to 74683 d 2531047 gradient of damage data

expanding memory to 74757 d 2589193 user control for contact interfaces

contracting memory to 74739 d 2589193 thermal expansion 0

expanding memory to 74741 d 2589193 state of charge expansion 0

expanding memory to 74743 d 2589193 cross-sectional force definitions 0

expanding memory to 110637 d 2589205 temp index array for node sorting

contracting memory to 74743 d 2625103 just because?

expanding memory to 78619 d 2696897 arbitrary element numbering input

expanding memory in thermal solver, additional words needed for a-vector 1252K

contracting memory to 74763 d 4778107 spc cards

contracting memory to 74745 d 4778123 rcforc moments

expanding memory to 74746 d 4814219 process element material data

expanding memory to 76753 d 4814217 load curve data

contracting memory to 75178 d 4814250 user_define_loading_set

expanding memory to 75384 d 4814250 regularize time history data

contracting memory to 75182 d 4814250 *DEFINE_ELEMENT_DEATH

expanding memory to 75371 d 4877589 contact interfaces

expanding memory to 148159 d 4877589 implicit contact 1

expanding memory to 179033 d 4877589 implicit contact 2

contracting memory to 76371 d 5097675 contact segment data 1

expanding memory to 255841 d 5462567 contact segment data 3

contracting memory to 75371 d 6982742 contact definition

expanding memory to 75389 d 6982743 rigid body

expanding memory to 566760 d 7226636 contact friction

expanding memory to 861612 d 7226636 joints

expanding memory to 1517893 d 11406346 SPH elements

expanding memory to 1517993 d 11469008 rigid bodies for disp. termination

expanding memory to 1518058 d 11469008 save d3plot control data




Any help would be greatly appreciated.