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I'd like to learn more about (1) dynamic stress analysis [determining forces and stresses of moving bodies] & (2) analysis of assemblies [applying boundary conditions to connecting bodies].

Can anyone recommend online courses or books that would cover the topics of interest? I'd prefer if the books taught how to go about the analysis using SolidWorks simulation.

Thank you.

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Firstly, an unsolicited comment: In my limited experience, product designers who are curious about FEA use SolidWorks for analysis. I have also run into simulation experts who have strong reasons for using SolidWorks for FEA. SolidWorks own documentation, training/course materials, user forums, etc. would be your best bet when it comes to learning SolidWorks FEA.

Secondly, to the question you asked, the internet is flooded with resources on FEA (YouTube, websites, blogs, lecture notes, etc.). Depending on your background and how far you wish to go with it, you can chart your own course.

If you have a strong undergraduate solid mechanics/mathematics background, I would recommend watching Klaus-Jurgen Bathe's videos on linear finite element analysis. If it seems a little too steep, read through COMSOL blogs on finite element analysis and weak form, read through the chapter on FEA on solidmechanics.org, and then go back to Bathe's videos. You can then proceed on to his video lectures on nonlinear finite element analysis.