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Resources for high velocity impact physics & modeling

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I am currently using Zuka's High Velocity Impact Dynamics to learn about the physics and modeling of ballistic impact at ~2km/s. Are there any other references that are considered a must read in this area? Any short courses or similar? During this time I am finding it even more difficult to find training in this area.

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Hi @willjust

I'm not familiar with "must read" books in that field but that seems like a solid choice to get you started. I'm a pretty visual learner myself so I would do some digging into any free course through universities. MIT has a load of free courses here with a particular lecture that you may like here. There are others, but MIT probably has the most comprehensive collection. 

And since we are in the Careers section, I might as well give some career advice. If you are interested in ballistics, put APL (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory) on your radar. They do a ton of work for the US DoD. Maybe contact them and show you have some interest? Or even apply to an internship?