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Cannot figure out why I get this error in COMSOL


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I have been given a model which uses Cell Periodicity to model a unit cell representing a large repetitive structure. Periodic boundary conditions are used on the outer boundaries of this unit cell. When I run the model however, I get this message:

Error in multiphysics compilation.
Failed to copy mesh.
- Boundary similarity: src2dst_bp3_cp1_sim5
- Detail: Source and destination are not compatible.


I have attached a picture where source and destination are defined - not sure what it means? I have selected "Boundary similarity: src2dst_bp3_cp1_sim5" in the model to the right, its highlighted in yellow.


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Hi @neverending

It appears like your issue is coming from your definition of the source and destination boundary conditions. Is this an end of the repetitive structure or right in the center?