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Contact problem in LS Dyna

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I have modeled a wall supported on a simple beam. When bottom beam is deflecting due to imposed displacement in Z direction, wall lost the connection with bottom beam (tiebreak contact used), which should occur. Nevertheless, due to this lost of connection, wall moves also in horizontal x direction. The problem is that this moving is not sliding, it is more moving from left to right, which also can be seen from x displacement plot, where there is a lot of oscillations in X displacement. I varied termination time and a lot of things, but the problem is still there. Does somebody know what can be the problem? Please find the video attached 

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Hi @bsakic

It looks like you might have an issue with over-constraints perhaps? Could you help me understand your simulation a little. What are you expecting to occur with the wall over the beam when the beam deflects? What constraints are currently on the wall? And could you provide an image of the entire model just so it's easier to visualize?

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@negativevolume So, the when the bottom beam deflects in Z direction (vertical), wall should have a displacement in X direction ( horizontal) due to self weight, until there is again contact. But, there are oscillations in X direction ( wall is maybe penetrating to beam and moving back to the surface). Please find the Figure attached.