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Crash Test simulations: shell elements failed and hourglass

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Hello, I am analyzing six different types of crash simulations and for few of them I run into a problem: the simulation stops before the termination time, because the high number of shell element failed. 

While the shell element failed are on the vehicle and I am analyzing what happens to the HMB inside, I tried to use ERODE = 11 in order to step over and not consider the shell elements failed. The results is that the simulation go over, but the hourglass is becoming too high and at the end the simulations collaps. 

Does any of you has an idea how to solve it? I saw some videos on youtube channel Unpopular Mechanics, and from that I got that the ELFORM shall be the default one (as it is) in order to be less time consuming, the hourglass is set to Flanagan-Belytschko stiffness form with exact volume integration for solid elements, should I change this one? Maybe it is better to be viscous?

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