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How to get part accel/Velocity data in local axis ?

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I am currently working with a head/neck model on LS Dyna, I can look a the head part accelerations and velocities in the global axis with ease by using the history function. However, for what i want to do, I need to be able to track the accelerations in the local axis which is defined at the head centre of gravity. How does one go about doing this? Is it even possible?

Edit - Just wanted to confirm the orientation of the local axis differs to the global, and also changes in relation to the global axis during a simulation as the head moves and rotates.

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Hi @jazimsohail

Is this a model that you made or are working on creating? Because normally you would define a local nodal output via *Database_history_node_local, which you could open from the ascii or binout files. You should be able to find which output is the local by opening the model itself and looking for a *Database_history_node_local card. Then you can plot that output from the ascii or binout for your simulation. 

If this isn't defined though, you can create a local output but you will need to create a local coordinate system to go with it.