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Modeling rebars for numérical simulation

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Hi everyone,

When modeling rebars for reinforced concrete, I usually work with small models so I work with LS-Prepost for the modeling.

This time I need to work with a larger model with undreds of rebars of different sizes, and the linear copy isn't good enough anymore.


I will also probably need to modify at some point the rebars so I need to do the meshing after creating all the rebars so it is easier to later modify the geometry and create a new mesh.


I dit the concrete structure modeling on Solidworks, as I am used to it, but I don't know a good software to model the rebars for numerical simulation.

For RC structures, you can obtain good plans with Autocad but this level of detail isn't appropriate for numerical simulations.


What do you use to model rebars for numérical simulations on LS-DYNA ?


Thank you for your help.