Shell on Solid Mesh...

Shell on Solid Mesh In modelling barriers.  


Arun Vignesh
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November 29, 2019 4:28 pm  

Hello, I'm just a beginner in crash testing of vehicles.
I haves in some crash test FEA models where they have
modelled the barrier as solid with a shell layer around it.
And some contact definitions were established between the
shellexterior and the solid interior. Can someone clarify
what is the significance of modelling this way?
Thanks in advance.

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Negative Volume
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November 29, 2019 5:03 pm  

Hi @arun-vignesh

It looks like you pasted this text, make sure that you paste as plain text to avoid formatting issues.

Regarding your question, are saying that there is a contact between the outer 2D shell layer and the inner 3D solid part of the impactor? This doesn’t make much sense if the nodes are shared between the shell and solid because there would be no need for a contact. But the nodes may not be shared. So you can check for this within LS-Dyna by going to Model -> Duplicate nodes and selecting all the nodes of the impacting and checking for replicate nodes.

2D shells overlaid onto 3D solids are generally used for contacts with other parts because 2D shells work better than 3D solid for contacts.