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help for analysys

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Hi, I finished characterizing my model, and now I should insert forces and constraints but being my first analysis I have difficulties could someone help me step by step?
The model is a helicopter blade, i should enter the rotation, a distributed force, a moment and the force of gravity.

Than you.

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Hi @mirko094

What do you mean by "characterizing" your model exactly? Material properties and mesh? 

And what is the goal of the simulation?

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Hi negativevolume thank you for the interest. Yes ,I created the mesh and applied materials and properties. The goals are static analysis (Linear/non Linear) and modal analysis.Before starting the analyzes, I would need to check the model to see if it is well done. I would need help because the company where I do my thesis work has abandoned me for the moment due to the covid, and I should do the analyzes before the end of May to be able to graduate in the next session.

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you need to do the analysis in two steps in Ls-Dyna: 

1st step : Preloading of gravity , moment : write dynain file output

2nd step : use the dynain as input & proceed with Application of rotation. 

share your model on 

i will try to help you out