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Convergence prevented due to unfulfilled bc...

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Hi there,

I am working on a simple model of a 3-point bending test of a plate, where I have a metallic, rectangular plate on the bottom, followed by an adhesive and an adherend on top of it. All the materials are modeled with solid elements and MAT_001_ELASTIC and MAT_138 for the adhesive. The left and right edges of the plate are clamped and I am applying a static displacement over a small area in the center (the figure is just a quarter of the plate, to exploit symmetry), and therefore I am using the implicit solver (also working with a reasonably large timescale). However, at some point, I get the error message "Convergence prevented due to unfulfilled bc...", which I am unable to understand, and that leads to a fatal error " Nonlinear solver failed to find equilibrium". If I change the adhesive material to MAT_001, it seems to work but I cannot resolve the issue using MAT_138... Is there any way around the error? And where is it coming from? I would really appreciate some insight here! Many thanks in advance!