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EOS used to model water as SPH particles in LS-DYNA

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I wish to model a multiphase problem using SPH particles(air and water) with a boat moving through. For modelling of water the material used is MAT_NULL which requires an EOS. Most of the literature has used Gruissen EOS but the official LS-Dyna website tutorial has used MURNAGHAN_EOS which is not working due to some reason. My question is, is there any literature or any source where I can validate the values I am giving for my EOS or should I approach hit and trail method? Secondly I wish to know if anyone has done SPH in LS-Dyna? Any k files etc will be really helpful. Thanks

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So what are you trying to study with the simulation? The boat or the water or both? So is this a study of fluid dynamics, mechanics, or fluid-structure interaction (FSI)?

Given your problem, I think you may be better off running a CFD simulation which is commonly used for hydrodynamics. Here are some examples to start if you choose to pursue this: https://www.dynaexamples.com/icfd

You can also do FSI using the same method, though it's more complicated: https://www.dynaexamples.com/icfd/advanced-examples/slosh4

You did mention wanting to simulation both water and air though. Are you restricted to using SPH?