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RVE Modeling: LSTC Examples do not work properly


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Hello everyone,
I am new to LS DYNA and I am modelling RVE's for my master thesis. In order to do that I wanted to check out some recently developed functions of LS DYNA: *RVE_ANALYSIS_FEM, *DATABASE_RVE

LSTC has two free examples for 2D and 3D cases,- but the Problem which I already faced with my own examples is that the solver says the files are not formatted properly (The solver states the Problem with both my own examples and LSTC's examples): 

Beginning of keyword reader                                   07/16/20 1554
*** Error 10246 (KEY+246)
    line contains improperly formatted data
     reading rve analysis cards
         At line# 50 of file

I attached the file to this thread.
Does that mean that my solver is simply too old? My version:


Did anybody ever face this kind of problem? Because in this case it seems to be quite weird because the examples are provided by a pretty much 'official' source.

Thank you for your kind help in advance and cheers.


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Hi @leberkaes94

If they are recently developed functions then it could be your solver for sure. I'm not sure what the latest solver version is, but I would try to download it. Can you pinpoint where this error is occurring within the file? 

Do you get an error or warning when opening it in LS-PrePost? I would download the latest version of that too and try to open the examples. If it doesn't error, then I would try to save out whatever card is giving the error from LS-PrePost which should format it correctly. 


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You need version R12.0.0 to use these keywords. The old version has something called *Include_Unitcell which creates a Multipoint constraint to define PBC. But, it gets complicated to prescribe a homogenized deformation gradient. I would suggest upgrading to a newer version rather than spending time on the older version.


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I am also working on something similar for my master thesis where I have to homogenize the behaviour of individual copper strands (1000 strands). Could someone please help me, how do I begin? I am completely new to LS Dyna.