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Extracting HyperMorph Data + How Morphing works

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Hi there! I would like to morph one 3D shape into another to assess deformation. I have done this by making a mesh out of one shape and morphing it onto the surface of another. I would now like to extract data on how far the nodes moved in the x,y, and z directions. Any tips on how to do this?

As another question, I have linear elastic material properties that I could assign to each shape. Would this alter the effect of morphing - or does the morphing algorithm ignore these properties?

Is there a good resource explaining how morphing works in HyperMesh?

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Hi @nicolepac

Assuming that the node ids are the same before and after morphing, it should be relatively easy to calculate the distance before and after using some code. But I think it all depends on what you are looking at doing with that information and how you want to present it. Are you wanting to do something like a heat map?

Morphing ignores material properties so no worries there. 

This is pretty old but it will probably help if you haven't found it by now: