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Can Lsdyna prepost help me to simulate a drillbit cutting through a concrete wall?

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Hey, I'm a 3D model artist, and I'm here because the youtube channel has genuinely motivated me to learn about its physical simulations and etcetera... yeah, you are wondering how a person related to the artist sector of the videogames industry will take part in this, well, I studied systems engineering and have this background about integral and mathematic models to achieve certain results and I discover that LSDyna does this.

The thing is that I have this model made on Blender with a lot of polygons because I needed to make tweaks with the sculpting mode, but then I want to use this as a beginning point for Ls-prepost to make a simulation for publicity (adds), I watched that LS-Dyna pre-post can do this and then convert this to an object in Blender so that I can put materials and other stuff, stuff that doesn't have LS-pre post for obvious reasons.

I've made a research on drill bits and I've found this ,

Talks about the drillbit density, youngs module, Poisson distribution, and a lot of stuff that sincerely is quite difficult to process without guidance...Though I watched that this data can be useful to input on the materials keyword manager.



1. My models made in blender would work as a starting point or do I have it to make them again in hypermesh?

2. Can someone guide me with key points to achieve this process?

3. Do I have to study for one year to achieve this?

4. The simulation will have a rigid material and the other one would be the wall of concrete or is more complex than that?

Sorry for the biblical post, I only want some guidance, where do I find information about drillbits or videos that simulate this or books or the steps that I have to make to achieve what I want. The drillbit that I want to simulate is called SDS S4 Cross Point Drillbit


Thanks in advance,


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It will be more efficient to work with someone to do this for you.