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FSI - Shell elements coupling with ALE materials

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Hi all,
I have tried to model a Fluid-Structure Interaction problem. This includes soil material modelled with ALE solver and a pipe modelled with shell elements. The load is an explosion shock wave.
When the shock comes close to the pipe, right where the CONSTRAINED_LAGRANGE_IN_SOLID is starting to work, it goes to a loophole and its timesteps start to decrease and get stuck.
I checked the DATABASE_FSI output and see that for one thing, this is where the coupling forces are ramping up drastically. In addition, when I check the termination info, most of the CPU clocks were used to solve the Advection Communication Algorithm.
I would appreciate it if anyone can help me how to overcome this or guide me to what is exactly the communication algorithm in an advection step.


Farshid Ershadi

M.S. Graduate

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Tarbiat Modares University

Tehran, Iran