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Implicit Load application via Rigid Body


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I am applying load_rigid_body to a part with rigid material applied. Model runs and converges without error. But the load does not seem to be applied fully. The part which the load applied on, moves couple of millimeters(expected displacement is more than 100mm). This feels like the load is not fully applied and I do no know why. When I run the same simulation with prescribed motion it works.

So I got the idea that when using load_rigid_body load is not fully applied for some reason probably a bug in the solver or some implicit control card problems occur. Have you come across with such an issue. My load curve can be found in the attachment. termination time:1 and the max(100%) load is applied at 1 in the curve.

There is a similar example on dynamore

This example is very similar to mine but my problem is simpler. Do you have any suggestions on load application via rigid bodies in implicit ls dyna simulation. Thanks in advance.