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Liquid Weight representation

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Im currently working on a droptest at different drop orientations (24 orientations) - one of the component of this product is a plastic water tank (with water)

Initially I modelled the tank with element mass (water weight) distributed in the tank - this method is quick, model it once and analyze for all orientation - however the effect of the water weight (deforming the tank surface) is reduced due to how the water mass is distributed around the tank. I do not want to go into SPH and ALE because that computationally expensive

Currently I have created constrainted_interpolation with water mass at CG, but the constraint direction is based on the direction of impact - now, this is time consuming as I need to model this based on every orientation, and any design update to the tank, I have to redo this constrainted_interpolation/mass update for every orientation.

What would be the easiest way to capture water/liquid mass affect in a tank and can be used in different orientation (one time modelling)