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Hi Everyone, 

I am trying to simulate the tensile behaviour of a dog bone shaped specimen and verify the results with the experimental testing. I have few beginner issues and i am struggling alot with it. Please help me with Material assignment as Ls Dyna has its own set of units of material properties its been hard figuring out and second issue is that explicit dynamics simulation runs well for 0.01 seconds of termination time but my actual failure occurs at 48 sec so how should i proceed to verify that model?  

How should i get same stress vs strain curve simulation that i got from experimental test?

Please guide me with this simulation 

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Negative Volume
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Welcome to the forum! 

So are you building your model yourself or using something previously made? If you are creating something, it will be easy to keep consistent units. If you are using something somebody else created, you need to ask them what unit system they were using. Here is a post that might help explain things. It seems like you've got your units of time jumbled up a bit. 


Posted by: @stoner_prime

How should i get same stress vs strain curve simulation that i got from experimental test?

What you are trying to do here is validate your simulation to an experimental test. What you want to do is replicate the experimental test boundary conditions as close as you can using modeling techniques in LS-Dyna. Then you will need to assign a section and material to your dogbone. Materials in LS-Dyna are not as simple as "I want this to be steel", they are mathematical functions that behave according to the parameters you input. What is the experimental dogbone made of?

Also here's a thread that might help. 


Unfortunately, the "dynamat" link is no longer working. I'm going to see if I can find it somewhere. 

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@negativevolume Thanks for helping me out i have tried and able to generate the stress strain curve for my tensile specimen. Now i am figuring out the same with the compression samples.