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Free Altair Hyperworks Student Edition Software Suite (Hypermesh included)  


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May 22, 2019 6:00 pm  

For any students interested in developing skills for finite element analysis / computer aided engineering (CAE), Altair provides an entire suite of software available for free for students. This is a great resource that every prospective student should take advantage of. You get access to Pre/Post-processors like Hypermesh, Analysis solvers (Expicit analysis: Radioss, Linear/nonlinear: Optistruct, Multi-body: MotionSolve ect.), Optimization software, and CAD. The link is below:

FREE Altair Student Edition

I'm only familiar with Hypermesh and Hyperview so I won't be much help answering questions for any other software. But I am interested in learning more about them so hopefully we can all learn together.