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NWT with ICFD - loss of wave energy

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Hi everybody. 

I have developed within my research a 3 dimensional numerical wave tank (25 meter long, 10 meter wide and 6 meter water depth) in ls dyna based on the icfd method. I have already refined the mesh in the area where the wave acts to increase the accuracy of the wave deflection. At the outlet of the wave tank I have installed a numerical damper to minimize the reflection of the wave.

Now i have evaluated the results at 3 different locations (5m, 10m and 15m) and it is noticeable that energy is lost in the system. The wave deflection decreases at the results at 10m and 15m compared to the results at 5m. Reason for this could be numerical dissipation and numerical dispersion.

My idea now is to either increase the tank length to minimize the influence of the reflecting wave or to adjust the parameters of the linear and quadratic damping terms.

Does anyone of you know about similar problems and has some suggestions for me?